Thursday, 26 September 2013

Tax on classic company cars

As mentioned in our mileage versus company car blog, if you purchase a car through your Limited Company and it is available for private use, (for example you park it at your home) then you have a taxable benefit. As a recap this is calculated from taking the price of the car if it was brand new, known as the list price, and multiplying it by a percentage based on the CO2 emissions of the car.

However, if you have car that was registered before the 1st January 1998, then there would be no CO2 data, making it impossible to calculate the taxable benefit. Cars that fall into this category are known as “Classic Cars”. HM Revenue & Customs have an alternative way of calculating the percentage based on the engine size -15% for engines up to 1400cc, 25% for 1401cc to 2000cc and 35% for any engine larger or if it has a rotary engine. Just like with the CO2 percentages, you add 3% if the car is a diesel.

But that’s not all, if the current market value, i.e. how much the car is currently worth, is at least £15,000 and also higher than the list price of the car (which is possible depending on how old the car is) then you would use the cars current value instead of the list price.

Fuel benefit is the same as regular cars, with the figure for 2013/14 being £21,100 which is multiplied by the above percentage.

If you have a company car that falls into the requirements to be a classic car, and you would like help calculating any benefit that may be due, please get in touch.


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